Monday, January 2, 2017

Lima (Santa Anita Ward) Peru – Week 4

Hola! Feliz Año Nuevo! Wow I honestly can't believe that 2016 is over! It flew by so fast. One year ago from right now, I didn't even think that I'd be here. But Lima was pretty awesome on New Years. Remember how I said how the fireworks on Christmas were good? Yeah well they were even cooler on new years. There were straight fireworks in every single direction for about 15 minutes. It was super cool! But not a lot happened this week...... The 2 weeks of Christmas and new years are probably the hardest. Because everyone is either super busy, with family and don't want to talk, drunk in the street, blacked-out drunk in the street or too cool to even talk with us. Haha so that’s a pretty good explanation of how the work has been here. But there were also some good things that have happened. My comp and I found a house in our area and moved in yesterday. So that’s good that we finally live in our area. And it has hot water. So that’s a plus. I found out who my new mission president is. He will become the president in the first week of July.

EMAIL RELEASE: Today, I have the great privilege to introduce some new very important missionaries... President and sister Amato who follow us as President and sister of the best Mission in the world. The Church will announce its assignment in two weeks. Had the opportunity of knowing them by Skype in the week last. They and their beautiful family will arrive in late June and begin his Ministry. I testify that they have been called of God. Are exactly what this mission you will need to get to the next level. President and sister Amato are from Brazil. They have been living in the United States for approximately four years. President Amato served his mission in Dallas, Texas. In the photo that les will send can meet your cute family. Have four children: Isabella (15 years), Giovanna (13 years), Luigi (11 years), and Alice (7 years). They speak English and Portuguese and they are learning the Spanish.

I'm really excited to meet him! Wow he is also really young! It'll be exciting to meet him and get to know him and his family. Well that’s all for the week! I hope that you all are enjoying the cold weather with the snow! And have a great new year!
LOVE you all!
Elder Farnsworth

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