Monday, March 27, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 10

Hey everyone! How’s everyone doing?? It’s all good here! It’s finally starting to cool down after being so hot! The nights are getting cooler too so it’s not as hot when I sleep. It was a good week and it was a bad week... What do you want to hear first??? Ok, I'll start with the bad. Well... The Vasquez family didn't get baptized.... Or married.... Because they had some problems with their wedding papers. But, I think it'll all be ready for the 8th of April! So that’s what we're planning on. It was kind of disappointing that it didn’t happen this weekend. But it’s good that it’s still going to happen. They're all ready! Just need to wait for the day! We went with them to the temple Thursday night and it was amazing! For one, the temple is really pretty at night and they loved it. They want to be sealed there one year after their baptisms so that they can be sealed for time and all eternity. So that’s great! 

Hayde came to church for the second week in a row and she's getting excited for her baptism on the 8th of April! It took us a long time to convince her to come to church. Like we're talking weeks.... But when she finally came and she loved it! So I think that she'll be all ready for the 8th!

We had a person come to church for the first time yesterday. Her name is Baledia and she is 17 years old. She really liked church and so I think that we'll probably give her a baptism date this week!

Well the good news is that General Conference is this weekend! We have the amazing opportunity to hear from the prophet and apostles! And to learn a ton! I’m super-duper excited for this! I hope all of you are too! And the other good news is that I got a package from my loving mother! It was filled with straight candy and a tie. Let’s just say I had a massive sugar rush. And the tie is super awesome! Well that’s all I’ve got this week! Have a good one! BYE!

Elder Farnsworth
Lima Peru Temple

Favorite new tie.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 9

Hola como están? Todo esta bien aquí! Todo tranquilo! Esta semana era poquito largo. Pero también rápido. [Hello how are you? Everything is fine here! All quiet! This week was a little long. But also fast.] This week my companion and I had a lot of success with our investigators.

Let me start with Richard. He is basically an eternal investigator. He's been an investigator for 2 years..... and he attends church every Sunday. All of his family are members. We had a lesson with him to see where he was at with everything. He was still unsure about baptism and stuff because he comes from a Christian background. His wife shared her testimony with us and we challenged him for baptism. He accepted and a date was set for this Saturday. He has his interview with the district leader in Wednesday!

We also visited the Vasquez family and they're getting everything ready to be married and baptized. So we came up with a plan with them. This Saturday the mom and dad will be baptized. Their kids will be baptized in a couple weeks by their dad. The kids are not ready yet so when told him that he was pretty excited. It'll be a better memory for their kids if their dad baptizes them. So that’s all the news with them! I'll send pics next week to let you see how it goes!

We also have a teenage girl that is progressing to be baptized in a couple weeks. Her grandma and aunts are recent converts and so that is how she came to know about the church. She's been coming to church for a couple weeks now and she's really receptive to the lessons and all! Oh and her name is Hodary.

Today we went on a hike for Pday.


  1. That hill in the picture is where we went up.
  2. That house with the Book of Mormon is the same house on top of the hill. But the sad news is that nobody lives there.
  3. Me at the top of the hill.
  4. Someone from my old area so we took a picture.
  5. Haha…I have to write on my food so people don’t eat it...[If you eat that you will have problems] 

Well I hope all is well there and have a great week!

Elder Farnsworth

Monday, March 13, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 8

Hola buenas tardes amigos! Como están? Porque todo esta bien aquí conmigo! This week was really pretty great! My comp and I worked really hard and all of our lessons were really good. We found some great new investigators and we had some investigators accept a baptismal date. To end the week we had a baptism! So you could say that it was a good week!

First I'll start with the Familia Vasquez! Well there’s some good and bad news with them..... The good is that they are still coming to church and listening to our lessons. The bad news is that Guillermo doesn’t have a job.... and if he can’t find one he'll have to travel out of Lima to find work. If he does this he will come and visit like every 2 or 3 months…and so that means he won't be able to be married and baptized on the 25th. So we're working with him right now to help him find work. There is a plan for everyone. If they don’t get baptized then, it'll happen shortly after. But we're doing everything that we can to help him!

We also have other investigators that have a lot of potential. One is a single mother and a son and they are super great. They will need a lot of help, but I think that we have the help for them. The mother lost a baby after birth and is still really sad about that. The pastor of the church she was previously attending said that because her baby wasn’t baptized that she's going to hell. We've been teaching her the Plan of Salvation to help her understand more. Her son believes more in science than God, but he's starting to understand more about God. We'll see how it goes!

We had the baptism of Julieth. It was super great to be able to participate in that! The spirit was super strong and her testimony at the end was really powerful. Wow there are a million other things that I can write about. All of the miracles and tender mercies that I've seen in my life! Most of the time words can’t describe what I’ve seen ad felt. It’s amazing! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Thank you for everything!

Elder Farnsworth

Monday, March 6, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 7

¡Hola! ¿Como estan? Well this last week we had transfers! I now have a new companion and he's even shorter than my last companion. He's really short and skinny! Haha he's pretty interesting. I keep finding out new things out about him every day! He has 17 months in the mission and so he's basically on his way downhill to go home. He's not as "trunky" as my last companion, but he's thinking about home... But let’s see if I can change that! Oh and he's from Piora, Peru. So yeah that’s my new comp. The hard thing with new companions is learning how to work and get along with them, and adjusting them to the new area and the investigators. Also knowing the personalities of them.

The Vasquez Family is still attending church and are progressing! They’ve almost had all of the lessons and we're helping them with their wedding papers so everything will be all ready for the 25 of March! It's so amazing to watch them progress and learn. At first they didn't understand somethings, but it’s all starting to make sense to them! They are one of those families that will probably be sealed in the temple one year from their baptism date! Because they learn about it and say, “We need to do that so we can be happier and help out our family!” I'm supppper blessed that I have the opportunity to work with them! I'll keep you updated on them!

This Saturday I have a baptism! It was supposed to be for this past week but she was sick.... But it'll happen this week! I'll send pictures! The pictures I sent this week are of a sweet sunset, my new comp and I and a huge spider we found in our house! Hope you enjoy!!!! Well I hope all is well there and have an amazing week!
BYE! I love you all!!
Elder Farnsworth

Sweet Sunset
Elder Flores

Huge Spider