Monday, January 23, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 1

¡HOLA! Woah! What a week! Lots of changes, very spiritual, fun and weird.

Yeah so like I told you I had transfers last Tuesday. The worst part of transfers is packing everything.... My new area is huge. Bigger than any of the ones I’ve had before. I’m having a hard time learning it... Just because it’s super big and we haven’t even made it to all the different parts of my area. And guys I have some sad news...... :( I have a cold shower again. But it’s not as bad as last time. Because now it is summer and it’s not as cold. But it’s still a cold shower. Haha the first thing I did when I saw it was laughed and looked to my companion and said, you're joking right? But I live in a house with another American and my first companion. So it’s actually really fun! I think this transfer will be a good one!

I had the amazing opportunity to hear from one of the 12 apostles! Elder Cook came to the MTC here and since it is in our mission we were able to go! It was amazing! I got to shake his hand. So you could say that we´re pretty close now. He talked with us and had a question and answer session. Wow let’s just say he knows his scriptures better than the back of his hand. It was a great experience! And I learned a lot from him.

I had a moment this week that was pretty cool! I realized that I can finally speak Spanish. It’s nowhere close to being perfect, but I can communicate and get around. And I can really participate in the lessons now. So that is a lot better!

Haha I have a funny experience to share! So Lima had some rain this last week. Which is really rare? And Lima has a lot of dirt, so most of the water ended up it muddy puddles. And so my comp and I were walking, and a bus drove by. And I’m sure you can imagine what happened. Yeah the bus hit the puddle and the water went all over me! I just stood there for like 30 seconds and looked at my comp laughed and said are you serious? Haha and he had nothing on him, I took it all! Well that’s all for this week!

I added some pictures with some of my family friends in my old area! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Farnsworth
Famalia Cumba
Familia Pinche

They say it never rains in Lima.  How did I get hit by the mud when the bus drove by?

Good Sport

Yes. . .they will need washed.

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