Monday, November 27, 2017

Lima (San Luis) Peru – Week 15


Well I hope that you all enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving. Haha because that doesn’t exist here. We worked just like any other day. I had honestly forgotten that it was thanksgiving until somebody told me that it was during district meeting. To me all the days are the same. They all blur together. The only days that are different to me are Sundays and Pday. But this last week was really great. We were able to have 2 baptisms and that was really awesome. That investigator of 8 years finally got baptized!!! Haha it was about time! So, he and his son were baptized together. It was a very exciting day because there haven’t been baptisms in this area since May. Other than those baptisms we were able to see miracles here as well.

We were able to get back into contact with an old investigator that now is ready to be baptized. We were teaching her about 2.5 months back, but she didn’t progress because she needed to get married. She wasn’t so sure that she wanted to get married with this man. So, we stopped visiting her for a while. Then last week she came to church and we made an appointment to go visit her. We got there, and she said that she made the decision to get married, so she can be baptized before the end of the year. She already has her wedding papers, so we are very excited about that! Hopefully we will have another baptism before transfers come!

As a mission we have a new way of doing our daily planning. To be more specific of people we want to contact and the specific streets that we will be walking down during the day. That way we can find “escogidos” which means chosen investigators. They said we should have fun with it and the people we want to contact. So, my companion and I did that. We put on our daily planning to find a dwarf in the street at 9pm. Most of the people are short here, but I had never seen a dwarf. So, we did our prayer asking specifically for the people that we had planned out to visit and the people we wanted to find in the street. We left our house that day with faith and waiting for the different people we had planned for. We found every single one of the people that we had planned for, even the dwarf. That is the first one I have seen in Peru. So, I know that prayers are answered all the times that we ask with faith. So, I invite all of you to pray always with faith for the things that you need in your lives and you’ll have cool experiences like this.

Bye and I hope that you have an awesome week! I love you all!

Elder Farnsworth

Monday, November 20, 2017

Lima (San Luis) Peru – Week 14

Hello fam and friends! How are all of you doing?

Well this was another really fast week here in the mission. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was sitting here in internet writing a letter. But it has been a whole week. But I feel like this week will go by even faster. Because tomorrow we will have a training for my companion, Wednesday will be interviews, Thursday district meeting and Friday weekly planning. So, it’s going to be a very full week!

Well we should be having a baptism here this weekend!! And with luck we'll have two. The last baptism in my area was in I think May.... It’s been way too long since the baptismal font has been used. So, we'll have to give it a nice clean this week, so the water isn't dirty. Our baptism that is almost 100 percent sure. His name is Jonathon.

Well we also had another good week in finding new investigators. So, we have some good new people to work with. During the weeks to come. I hope that they will progress. Because the thing that we're seeing more here is we can find people now, but they don't want to progress. But I know that there are people here waiting for us.

I hope that you all have an amazing week. Don't forget to do your daily prayers and read the BOM every day. It really does change lives. I love you all! Hasta luego!

Elder Farnsworth

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lima (San Luis) Peru – Week 13

Well this last week was an amazing week her in San Luis! My son and I had lots of success this week! So now that I know my son, I'll give you a little more info. His name is Elder Myers and he is from Fresno, California. He is 18 years old. He officially has almost one week in the mission field. He knows a lot more Spanish than I knew when I came to the mission. He has a lot more confidence than I had and he is really cool! I'm still really excited that I have my first American companion. I've always wanted one and he finally came to me in the form of a son.

This week was a very good week here and in the district. With new elders there is new excitement to work. Which is awesome! That is what lacked last transfer, but now the new elders are working hard! Here in SL we now have 4 with baptismal dates and we're very excited about that! There should be 2 on the 25 of November and 2 on the 16 of December.

Well good/bad news with our investigator of 8 years. The last time that we talked to him we basically dropped him because he wasn't progressing. We were just playing the game of he was going to get baptized and then he wasn't. So we told him that until he could complete the law of Chasity we wouldn't be able to visit him. He said yeah that’s fair because I've been saying I would do it, but then never completed it. We said when you get you can keep it, let us know. So, he came to us on Sunday at church and said that he could be baptized because he and his woman that he was living with officially separated. So that is good/bad news, but we will keep you updated. I hope all goes well with this!

We also invited 2 new people to baptism. They were very excited that we invited them and they came to church without us picking them up. They live at the top of the hill that we have in our area!

The pics from this week are of the day when Peru had a soccer game, I was cheering for them. Since it is summer here my missionary neck tan is coming back. NOOOOOO….. We went back and visited that llama today and with my new comp E' Myers! Well I hope you all have a great week! I love you.

Elder Farnsworth

Elder Myers
Peru wins again!
Missionary Neck Tan

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lima (San Luis) Peru – Week 12

Hey how are all of you doing? Well let’s just say that this last week was a very long trying week for us here in San Luis. But we made it through alive. But it was a good week as well! We did a lot, but we had very little results. And the week ended with transfers. Well actually they'll happen tomorrow. So, let’s start with some of the things that happened this week.

Well to let you all know our investigator of 8 years didn't get baptized. He was at the point of being baptized. It didn't happen because he can't complete the law of chastity. He said that he wasn't living together with his woman, but later we found out that he still lives with her in the same house, just in different rooms. The house only has 2 rooms, but that’s not good enough to count. He doesn't want to marry her, but he also doesn't want to kick her out because she has nowhere to go. So, we're sad about that and we've done everything we can with him. Now it all depends on him and we told him that. So, if anything happens there I'll let you know.

We also had about 90% of our appointments fall through.... So that means we contacted more trying to find new people. Let me tell you how almost every single contact went. “No, I’m busy, come another day." Ok when can we come? "Oh, idk I’m never home" and then they shut their door. If I had $1 for every time I was told that this week. I'd be very rich right now. Ha-ha sometimes I just have to take a moment and laugh it off, because after a while it gets really old. But that’s how it is sometimes.

Like I said there will be transfers tomorrow. I will be staying in my area and I'll receive a brand new missionary from the CCM. He's white and he'll be my first one here in Peru. It’s going to be great! I’m really excited!

Well the pic is of my district! Have a wonderful week! I love you all!

Elder Farnsworth

Monday, October 30, 2017

Lima (San Luis) Peru – Week 11

Hola! How are all of you? I hope that you all had an amazing week! Because like always it was a good one here. My comp and I had a good week. Even through our indicators weren’t as high as last week, we made good progress with the investigators that we have. We also had to drop 2 because they weren’t progressing.... But it's what is needed. Because we are wasting our time and they're wasting theirs. Well not a waste of time because everything that we do is good and is planting a seed in the people, but a better use of time is the best way to say it.

This week was a good week. And it was good to be able to watch stake conference this last Sunday here in San Luis. This last week we focused on trying to have more people with a baptismal date, but we weren't able to complete that.... It was harder than I thought it would be. The appointments that we had fell through and the people didn't want to accept a date. So, we had to make some adjustments to our plans. But that’s all part of what we do. Being able to adjust.

We do have good news about the investigator that has been waiting 8 years to be baptized! From what he told us, the person he was living with left or was going to leave today. So, then he won't be breaking the law of chastity and he can get baptized. He scheduled himself today for his interview. If all goes well, he will be baptized this Saturday! We are very excited about this! We just need to pray a lot this week to make sure it happens!

We also found a really cool person this last week. He was very interested in the BOM and, so we taught him a little about it. Then he asked if he could buy one and read it. He is the first person to ask to buy it. We have an appt with him today! The pics are of my area and the one with a sign is really kind of funny and scary. Because I believe that the people would do it. Ha-ha if you wanna know what it says look it up.

Well, have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lima (San Luis) Peru – Week 10

Hola! I hope that this last week was as good as mine was. My companion and I had a really good week! It also flew by like all the weeks, but this time a little faster. Partly due to yesterday and the Census. I can officially say that I've participated in my first and last Peruvian Census. To be honest it wasn't as cool as I thought it'd be. So, we just stayed in the house until 5. All my other comps slept the whole afternoon. I just sat there and studied.

This week was good because my comp and I had lots of success in finding new investigators. And we had some good solid contacts. We also had the opportunity to work with a member in our ward who was the old ward mission leader. He spent a few hours with us showing us the old investigators and some part member families. So that was very nice of him and it helped us a lot! When the wards and the missionaries work together is when the miracles happen. And right now, there is a spark that started in our ward. I hope that we can keep the spark alive and make it into a fire. Then this ward will be able to become better and have lots of success here.

We were also able to visit the person who wants to be baptized really bad. He told us that whatever it takes he will be baptized the last week of this month or the first of the next. He really wants it but he is still deciding on getting married or separating himself. Well I'm really hoping that he makes his goal! Have a good week!

The pic is of my Peru jersey that someone gave to me! I love you all.

Elder Farnsworth

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lima (San Luis) Peru – Week 9

Hola como están este martes? Un poquito raro que estoy escribiéndoles in martes y no lunes. Es porque ayer estuvimos haciendo un actinide de servicio en un hospital de niños. Fue lo maximo!

Haha that’s enough Spanish now. It’s nice every once in a while, to speak in English. Because after living with 3 Latinos and talking in Spanish all day everyday it’s just nice to talk in my native language. Maybe 1 or 2 times every day I talk in English, and it’s when I call one of the ZL's to ask them something and if I’m helping someone learn English.

This week was a little harder and kind of disappointing. Because our investigator that we have that was going to get baptized today won't be baptized today. Every time that he will be baptized something happens that keeps him from getting there. I feel really bad for him. He lives in a tiny room with 4 kids and his almost wife (if they get married). We'll find out. And our other person that has baptismal date didn’t come to church because he's still working........... He wants to get off work, but he is afraid to talk with them. We're trying to help him with this. I really hope that he can get the courage to do it. Idk if he is afraid of losing his job or what. But I think that this week we'll do a practice with him to help him.

This week we won’t have church in Peru. We all will be staying in our houses until 5pm because they will do the national census that day. So, it'll be a pretty low key day. We'll basically have 2 pdays in a row!

Yeah so yesterday we helped with something that’s called Operation Smile in a kid’s hospital. But at the same time, it’s sad to be there. To see all the kids with these conditions. But it was a good experience. And we got a lot of free stuff. So, it was a win win for us!

This last Friday I finished the Book of Mormon in the Spanish language. It was a great moment. Not only because I was able to finish it again, but to feel and gain a stronger testimony of it. My goal was to finish it on my grandma's birthday. I know she was smiling in heaven. I invite all of you, just as our beloved prophet has done, to read the BOM every day. It will change your lives!

Well, have a great week and I love you all!

Elder Farnsworth
Operation SMILE