Monday, December 26, 2016

Lima (Santa Anita Ward) Peru - Week 3

Como estan? Feliz Navidad ayer! I hope all of your Christmas's were good! Because mine was great! I had a lot of food and talked with my family and saw my dog!! I also had a cool experience that I wanted to share.
So we contacted a house and we found out that he is an inactive member. And we set up an appointment with him for later. But then we asked for a reference and he pointed across the street to a house. So we went and knocked on this door. And 2 girls on the balcony started talking with us and were being really rude and they wouldn't help us at all. Then someone finally came to the door downstairs. It was a lady probably 60 years old and she was just so happy to see us! We asked her if we knew this person and she was like yeah that’s my son! And then she invited us in. Her son came in and was really nervous why two people in shirts and ties came into his house at night (because this area at night is a little dangerous). He told his mom to not let us in, but she did and we started talking and introduced ourselves. And then we asked for him to introduce himself. He was right up and front with his problem. So it was pretty easy to find his necessity. He said that for the past 13 years he's had an addiction to alcohol. So we started talking about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how through him we can be made better again! The spirit was super strong and he told us that he felt peace while we were talking. And I had a really hard time speaking Spanish during this lesson for some reason and I apologized that they probably couldn't understand anything, but they said that they could feel the peace that what I was trying to say was the truth. So this testifies to me of two things. One that references are really important and 2 like the scriptures in D&C 100:5-8 says that whatever you declare in his name the spirit will testify of it. Even if it is some American trying to speak Spanish and he is saying random words. Well this week was good! I hope all is well there and I hope you all a happy new year! I love you all! (:
Talk to you in 2017!
Elder Farnsworth

President and Sister Boswell

Mission Christmas Party
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Elder Pereida

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