Monday, September 26, 2016

Peru - Week Two

What a crazy week! So many things happened and I don't have time to write all of them! First I'll start off by saying I think it actually might be possible that I'll get fat here.......(; They feed me so much food. For example, yesterday during lunch we had a bowl of soup, a huge plate of rice, chicken and potatoes. And then she brought out more chicken..... And there was a 1.5L bottle of Inca Kola just for the two of us. I was super full! And that’s what most of our lunches and dinners are like. In the 6 weeks I was in the CCM I gained 15lbs, since I've been here I've gained like 10 more pounds..... Haha But, I exercise everyday and walk up hills all day. I needed a little weight, but now I don’t need anymore. It’s funny because whenever people see me they always say "gringo" and then laugh. Haha it’s funny because it happens all the time and I have a fan club of like 8 girls ages 3-10. They like hearing me speak English and Spanish. And they like the color of my eyes. Everyone here is so nice! I have loved every minute of it, well almost...... That one minute that I'm in the shower kinda sucks and the few minutes after I wake up. Because you go to bed exhausted and wake up tired. Every single day. Spanish is literally killing me somedays. It’s really hard to learn when the people use so much slang. And they use a ton of it here.... Or they won't say the whole word. And they talk super fast... I always have to ask them to speak slower. But I can understand my companion all the time. If I know the words he's using.... But I definitely have noticed that my Spanish is getting better. I'm getting better at teaching and my confidence is growing every day. I still struggle with conjugations but it'll just take time. It'll come. President said that every missionary leaves being fluent in Spanish. So that is comforting. But it'll be hard! I made a little shrine for Annie on my bookshelf! Tell her hi and give her loves from me! Oh and also congrats for making it to the age of 25 Andrew. And congrats Michael & Ashley on your baby boy! And congrats Colton on a great race at Bob Firman! Well I'm excited for this coming week and I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Farnsworth

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