Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mexico City CCM - Week 4

¡Hola! Buenos Diaz! It’s crazy that today is already September 1st! One more week down at the CCM! Only 1.5 more weeks until Perú!!! I'm super excited to get there! Even though my Spanglish isn't very good yet. When I talk most people will have a confused look on their face and think "who is this crazy, tall, white American and what language is he speaking." I can't wait until the day that I can speak fluently!! It will be a great day! But it’s going to take a lot more hard work to get there. I've been praying that I get a native trainer when I get to Perú! One that doesn´t speak English. Because I've heard that you always learn the language the best and the quickest that way. And so it’s either I learn the language and we talk or I stumble over my words and can't really talk with him! So I'm basically forced to learn. Not a lot of interesting things happened this week... It was just another week in the CCM. There was one thing that was amazing though. In the Tuesday night devotional, the choir sang the EFY Medley (As Sisters in Zion and Bring the World His Truth). There were probably 300 of us singing in the choir, so it was really powerful. It brought a bunch of people to tears. Except for me, I never cry. (; And we sang it in Spanish so that made it even more cool! What else happened this week........ Oh Yeah!!!! Another fellow Idahoan came this week! I was super excited! Hunter and I had a couple classes together this past year at Timberline. He's the only person that I knew before I came here. And he brought a package from back home! I loved the package! I asked my mom to send some pics of family and friends! But most importantly pics of Annie and Selena (my dog and my car). I think I've looked at those pics the most! So I have lots of love for my Family right now. I want to congratulate my brother for running his first high school cross country race! He beat my very first time! So that's good! Other than the things that I've said nothing interesting has happened this week.... I'm going to try to share my testimony in Spanish. It won’t be perfect, but what I'm trying to say is true. Estoy comparto mí testimonio en Español. Yo sé que Jesucristo es mí Salvador, El morrir poe me y por ustedes. A traves de Jesucristo nosotros podemos vivir con sus familias y Dios otra vez por eternidad. Dios ama todas personas: blanco, negro, latinos, americanos y mí canadian compañero. Yosé que José Smith resterado la verdad Iglesia di Jesucristo. Y El translado El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios y es verdadero. A traves de Su Expacion nosotros podemos limpiar de nuestro picados con arrepentimento. Yo sé que mediante oracion nosotros podemos hablar con DIos. Dios simpre eschuchar a nuestro oraciones. Thomas S. Monson es la profets de Dios en este dia. El es la guía por este iglesia. Si nosotros seguir los mandamientos de Dios, nosotros reciban muchas bendieciones. Yo sé todos cosas es verdad. En el Nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Elder Tyler Farnsworth
Captain Moroni statue Grandpa and Grandma Mann gave Tyler when he turned 12.

Elder Farnsworth and Elder Jones

Two friends from Boise pointing to where they will be serving.

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