Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mexico City CCM - Week 3

Mexico City CCM – Week 3 ¡Hola! !Buenos Tardes! One more week down. It was just like any other week. Learned a lot, tried not to fall asleep in classes. This past week we´ve been working on memorizing scriptures and the first vision. It’s hard memorizing things as it is, but in a different language it’s even harder. But you you feel accomplished when you do. I had the best day ever last Friday. The day started off slow. But after lunch is when it became awesome. We stopped by the post office on the way back to class. And I got a package. My entire life was made; in the package was a case of Dr. Peppers!!!! Thanks Mom! I'll love you forever because of that! But then there was a problem of getting it cold, because ice is a scarcity down here. And there’s no access to a fridge. But I met a guy that works in the kitchen and now he is my hook up for ice. Then after all of the classes were over when we were heading back to the house. It was pouring rain and I didn't have my umbrella that day. So I ran the half mile to my house. It was kind of fun getting soaked wearing a shirt and tie. But it was fun because that'll be a memory for a while. I still remember when my mom and I were in DC and we got poured on and it looked like we went swimming in our clothes. My comp and I taught the best lesson ever this past week. A lot of our devotionals and lessons were on Faith. Here is my favorite scripture about Faith. Alma 32:21 "And now as I said concerning faith - faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." I love that! I think that is one of the best things that I'll be able to teach people. Give them hope and help them. Faith is one of the most important aspects of religion. Without faith there is nothing. We are all so blessed that we have faith, but I feel even more blessed that I get the opportunity to help people find Faith. Another thing that I did this week was teach a real member who volunteered to let us teach her. I think that it went pretty well! Besides the fact that I only understood about 20% of what she said.... And she talked really fast and slurred all of her words together. I also had a hard time getting out what I wanted to say. But it’s not me that needs to do the talking, it’s the spirit. I felt it and I'm pretty sure that she did too. So that good! Another cool experience I had was after one of our devotionals. We were supposed to talk about what was said. But because it was in Spanish and our translator spoke really bad Spanglish. So we had no idea what was said. So we talked about family conversion stories. I talked about Grandma Glo. If it wasn't for her joining the church and be a great example to me, I probably wouldn’t be here. Thanks Glo, I love you! And last night we had the most rain I've ever seen! No joke there was about 3 inches of standing water on roads flowing onto the sidewalks. We were eating dinner when the majority of the rain came down, so we sat at the window watching everyone run to dinner. One person legit fell and rolled through a puddle. I laughed really hard.... I felt kind of bad but we talked to the person and he laughed about it too so I didn't feel as bad. I got my hair cut today...... I was sitting there and I see big clumps of my hair falling off and my eyes got huge... They normally ask if you want a 2, 3 or 4 on your sides. She didn't ask and I'm pretty sure it’s like a 2. There is a picture attached with my reaction of the haircut. I also got to take my first nap today! I loved it! (I have a picture attached of it.) Well I hope that you all have a great week! Crazy that I only have 2.5 more weeks here! I'm looking forward to hearing from you next week!
Love, Elder Tyler Farnsworth

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