Monday, June 5, 2017

Lima (Manchay) Peru – Week 2

HOLA! How are all of you?? Wow what a crazy week! Haha we now only have one week left in this transfer, because this one was only a 3 week transfer for the arrival of our new president. The next one will be 9 weeks! It’s so crazy to think that we will have a new president on the 30th of June! But I'm excited for him!

Well in this week there were some really great things that have happened and also some sad things. But the good things are that we have found a bunch of new investigators in this past week. We invited some people to baptism and they accepted. So that is really great. We started to teach a person of 18 years and he accepted a date. Now we're teaching his mom and his younger brother. They have so much potential! Seriously they are really great. I think that they are the type of people that will progress! We are also teaching another person that is 18 years old that is really great. There are lots of great people here. We are teaching quite a few people. Every day here is a great day. We might have a baptism this week! It’s not for sure, but it’s a 50/50. Haha but I have hope that it'll happen! But if not, it'll probably happen the next week! There is also a brother and sister that we are teaching and they are about 20 years old. This past week we taught them the Law of Chasity. Haha to say the least, they had a tooooooooooon of questions about it. It was pretty interesting to hear them, but they're also really great! I'll keep you updated on the investigators. The bad thing about this week is that we had some baptismal dates fall through.....and so that is sad to see them all excited to be baptized, but then not fulfill their commitments. But I have hope that they will realize on what they need to do to have more happiness in their lives.

Well in this past week we've had a lot of "rain" here. It is foggy and there is mist in the air and they call it rain here. Haha it’s kinda funny. So here is a pic of my name tag with the "rain." Also one of how I was studying in the morning one day. Our house gets really cold at night. It gets down to 60 degrees with 85% humidity. So it feels really cold. And then the other is with a friend of mine that is also from Idaho! His name is Elder Anderson! Well have a great week! I love you!

Elder Farnsworth
Lima "Rain"
It's COLD in here
Elder Anderson from Idaho

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