Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lima (Manchay) Peru – Week 3

Well this was the last week of a short 3 week transfer! My comp has transfers so I will be staying here in Manchay! But now I have to teach the area to my new comp and I still don't know it that well... Haha so it'll be interesting! My new comp is Elder Peña. I don’t know that much about him, but next week I'll tell you more! I will be finishing his training. So now I will officially be able to say that I have a kid in the mission. Haha so that’s pretty exciting!! I'm really excited for this transfer!! It is a 9 week transfer, so we will have lots of time to be able to work hard and talk with a lot of people. During this transfer I will complete 1 year in the mission! So that’s really exciting! To see how I have grown in the past almost one year is crazy but it is great. I wouldn't trade this past year or the next one for anything! It is truly amazing to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to help people.

Well this past week has been pretty good! We were able to do service for an investigator and his family. It was one of the most fun services that I’ve done in the mission. We tore down a house! Haha literally tore down the walls of the house. It was great! He is an investigator and he has a baptismal date for the 1st of July! His mom was very grateful that we helped them out. We have an appt with her today, so hopefully something good will happen with her. I think that she will be able to progress! Well the baptism that I mentioned this last week didn't happen because she wasn't ready. Her testimony of the BOM wasn't that good. But it’s improving. Her new date is for this Saturday. Ojala que bautizará este sábado! I think that she'll be ready! We have an appt today with her to see if she has prayed and received her answer of the truthfulness of the gospel. But then also this week two of our investigators that have a baptismal date for later this month didn't attend even when they promised us that they'd come......... They haven't been keeping their commitments, so I think that this week we will drop them. It’s sad to do it, but it is something that is necessary to do!

Well that’s all for this week. So the pics are from when we tore the house down. Today I was in the mission office when a family was picking up their daughter from the mission and they gave me a jar of peanut butter! It is literally gold here! Because one, there isn't a lot and also, if there is some, it is really expensive. So I'm really thankful for this!

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The Walls are DOWN
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