Monday, April 3, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 11

Heyyy everyone! What an amazing opportunity we just had over the weekend! I hope that many of you had the opportunity to listen to General Conference. It was absolutely amazing! As my mission president said “we were all spiritually recharged for the next 6 months."

Well I have some really good news about the Vasquez family! After having so many problems with their wedding papers, they're going to get married and baptized! I’m seriously really excited for them! From the first day we met them when they didn’t want anything to do with us to being baptized and having the goal to be sealed in the temple. It has seriously been such an honor to have the opportunity to know them and teach them and to be able to see them progress every time we visited them. Well, I'll be sure to send a lot of pics next Monday!

We will also have the baptism of Hodary on Saturday! So this weekend will be a great weekend!

Back to conference! One of my favorite talks were all of them! Haha I can’t choose between them! Because I took things out of all of them to apply to my life! One I really liked was one by and old mission president of the Spokane WA mission. And that we need to love people like Jesus loves them. And also from President Monson that we need to have charity! Because if we don’t have charity to the people we are nothing! And also all the talks about the Holy Ghost! Wow there are so many things that I can just go on about! Next week after I review my notes I'll tell you more about this!

Well this is all for the week!

The pictures that are below
 • one with the missionaries that are living in my house
 • Then there are some with a monkey.
 • one of a sweet sunset that I saw!

Well have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Tyler Farnsworth
Apartment Elders

My monkey friend

Sweet Sunset

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