Monday, April 17, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 13

Hola! Wow this first week of the transfer flew by! But at the same time it was really slow! Haha kind of weird! But I learned a lot this week. Well not a lot, but a very good lesson!

Well this was the first week of my 3rd transfer here in San Gregorio. Like I said I learned a good lesson for the future. So 2 weeks ago we had a lot of baptisms, and during this transfer my companion and I focused a lot of our time and energy on those people and let’s just say we put off a little bit of contacting and finding new investigators...... So now we don’t have a lot... We still have investigators to teach and stuff. But you can't teach the same investigators all day every day. This week we had a lot of blanks in our daily calendar, so we did a lot of contacting. Which I’m not going to lie..... I really don’t like it... It’s not that I have fear of it; it’s just that fact that 99% of contacts go absolutely nowhere. Yes I know that we need to be contacting for that 1% because we can potentially help them change their lives. So this is something that I need to improve as a missionary. The balance of teaching and finding new investigators at the same time!

We do have people that we're working with which is great! Because they're super great! They both came to church yesterday and their minds about the church are changing for the good! A while back they weren’t so sure about all of the teachings. But, because we've had a few good people from the ward helping us they are accepting the teachings more. Also General Conference helped them too with their testimony. Especially the talk from President Monson about the Book of Mormon! Well we'll see how they come along! I have a cool story to tell. Last night my companion and I were just walking to different investigators to try and have a lesson because like I said we didn't have a lot scheduled. I was tired after a long week and a little disappointed and it was getting to the time where we could go to dinner and then finish for the week. I said a little prayer in my mind that we could encounter at least someone to talk with. We were walking and I saw a house with a light on and I was like, hmmm I’m going to knock on the door because there is somebody there. Not really thinking about my prayer that I had said, a guy of about 30 years came to the door and we presented ourselves. I asked if we could come in for 10 min to share a lesson about Jesus Christ, and he thought and contemplated it. Eventually he let us in and we didn't even say anything and he was like yeah I was baptized like 18 years ago but I haven't attended for like 15 years. He was wondering if someone from the church had sent us and we told him no that it wasn´t that. He said with us there it brought back a lot of good memories and feelings from when he attended the church. His wife isn't a member so we made an appointment to go back and visit with them. I don’t know if it will lead anywhere, but it was an answer to my prayer.

Well that is my week! I hope you all have a great week! My pics are from Pday today with that flag we made as a district and a pic from inside my new house, the first rainbow that I have seen in Peru and a pic of us pulling a huge wardrobe up 3 stories with rope that was similar to shoe string!

Elder Farnsworth

District Flag
New Apartment

Moving a dresser with a Shoestring

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