Monday, December 5, 2016

Peru - Week 12

Hola! Como Estan? Wow I can't believe that it is already December! Time is just flying by! This transfer felt like it just started, and now it’s ending...... Woah! Well I've got some experiences to share this week. Haha what a week!
Let’s just start with the one bit of bad news. I lost some of my pride this week....... But first let’s start way back! Remember when I told you all that I had gained some weight? Yes, my stomach got a little tubby and a few of my pants became tight. Well my body decided that it didn't want to have the weight anymore, and I was like yeah that’s fine; I'll work out a little harder in the mornings. But my body said that’s not cutting it. Faster! You know how there are all of those promotions that say "Lose 20lbs in 20 days" yeah well I had something even faster and its all natural. All you gotta do is come to Peru and eat whatever I ate and it'll take about a day and you'll lose a lot of weight. Yeah I don't think that you need much more information of what happened. I think that you can probably gather from what I said, what experiences I had this past week. But to say the least, all of my pants that were tight, haha they fit perfectly now. And about my pride, I was the only elder from my group that didn't have his insides wrecked. But I made it 4 months out of the US without, so I'd say that I did pretty good!
Oh and some good news about my area!!!! This person that has been an investigator for about a year now finally accepted a date for baptism!!! SO that’s really exciting! He couldn't be baptized because he has an addiction to cigars. But as of today he has 15 days without smoking! His date is for the 7th of January! So I'm pretty happy about that!
But...... I won't be here for that... Because tomorrow I have transfers! Yes I know, I have hope that I'll have a hot shower! But this next transfer will be very difficult and very rewarding. My new comp and I will be opening an area. So we both are new there, know nobody, and don't know the area! But it’ll be a new adventure! But with the help from a lot of prayers and the ward, we'll be able to have success. But as many things that were difficult for me in this area, I'm going to miss it... Because I've made some good friends and memories here. But I trust in the Lord that where I'm going is where I'm supposed to be.
Well that’s all I have for you this week!! Have and amazing week and remember the true meaning of Christmas! I'm attaching a link of a video you should all watch and really think about what you see!

Love, Elder Farnsworth
Yes - another cockroach picture

Maria and Gabino Saira - Tyler's pensionista

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