Monday, December 12, 2016

Lima (Santa Anita Ward) - Week 1

Hola! Wow what a week I don´t even know where to start.... So many crazy and amazing things happened! Haha and when I say crazy I mean crazy! Well I´ll start with transfers from last week! I got transferred to a new area and both my companion and I are new to the area! So we knew nothing about the area or the investigators. That makes being a missionary really hard! We did a ton of walking and a lot of being lost too! But, we also had a lot of amazing experiences! We ran into a lot of members and investigators who helped us find our way around! We had a lot of great contacts! 

Haha I almost forgot to tell you about my new comp! His name is Elder Pereida and he is from Bolivia! So far I think he is my favorite companion. We get along really well and he is just easy going! But he is very prideful with another Elder in our house. Probably because the other is from Peru! Haha it’s kinda funny to watch them argue about the stupidest things! So yeah I live in a house with 2 other Elders. Right now my comp and I are houseless...... because the house that the Hermanas lived in we can´t live there! But that's ok because the other Elder that lives in our house is American. I´m so glad because I can talk to someone in a language I completely understand. Most importantly, there is hot water which is amazing! We also have something else living with us...... Yeah it has 4 legs, is huge, starts with a R and ends in AT.... Yeah we have a rat. Last night we saw it for the first time....... We spent like 2 hours trying to kill it but it out smarted us and got away. It was freaking huge!!!! And disgusting! A rat out smarted 4 of us... I lost a bit of pride last night. Haha I´ll keep you updated if we kill it this week!

I also received a gift from heaven this week! Like nothing I´ve ever experienced before. We were in the old house of the Hermanas gathering stuff to take to our house. I opened the fridge to see if they had food and the greatest thing that could ever be in there was in there! There was a beef stick and a block of cheese from Hickory Farms. I don´t know if you all know what that is, but it’s a tradition in my family to have this around Christmas time! It is amazing! I've been savoring it!

Everything is all good here! I´m excited for what this week brings! I hope you all are well! And I´ll talk to you next week!

Elder Farnsworth

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