Monday, October 17, 2016

Peru - Week 5

Hola! One more week down! So many things have happened! Haha good and bad..... But for the most part good! We have one more week left in this transfer and there is a good chance that my companion will get transferred. It is bad because I still don't really know my area that well..... and if he gets transferred I'll have to teach the area to someone new. I have 4 different experiences that I want to tell you about; a lesson that we had with a Jehovah’s Witness investigator, companion exchanges, giving a talk in church and a very humbling experience.
The lesson with the Jehovah's Witness….Let’s just say that they believe in some very strange things. We've talked with a lot of them, some are very nice and polite and others are super mean. The mean ones just yell and tell us that we're missionaries of Satan, that we're liars, and on and on.... Haha, but it’s kind of fun to listen to them ramble on. The student that we taught was nice. I say student because in order to baptized in their church you have to pass like a 150 problem test about different bible topics. Oh, and they have a different Bible. It has a lot of the same things, but a bunch of things are changed. Ok back to the story, my companion and him were going back and forth about the Bible and sharing different scriptures. I had absolutely no idea what they were saying and it was like an hour. I tried so hard to understand what was being said, but I only picked up things here and there. When things were wrapping up, I felt like I should ask "What is your testimony of Jesus Christ?" He started to tell what the religion believed, and my companion said "no, personally and not what you're church believes.” He didn't have a testimony, and then I shared mine about the Restoration, the Atonement of Jesus Christ and about Joseph Smith being a prophet. Woah, what a cool experience! The spirit was so strong and he was nearly in tears. Then we gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to read the introduction and pray about it and call us when he does. Even though he felt that our message was true, he's probably not going to call us. That was Tuesday, and he hasn't called. That’s how it is sometimes. Not everyone we talk to will accept our message. They're not ready, and that’s ok. We're just preparing them for a later time.
Haha companion exchanges.... That was an adventure, or in other words, the most stressful day of my mission. The District leader came to our area and my companion went to their area. I had to find all of the houses and we had lessons all over in different areas...I survived and learned a lesson. From every bad experience there is something to learn. I need to learn the area better and have more confidence when I talk with people.
Yeah I had to give a talk in church yesterday. I found out about it 20 minutes before church started so I couldn’t prepare anything, but it worked out pretty well. I gave it and I was definitely helped by the spirit. I didn't have to think twice about things and it was pretty fluid and people understood it so that’s good to hear.
And now my humbling experience….We talked with a member. I think he's about 60 years old. Ten years ago he was hit by a car, in a coma for 40 days, both arms and legs were broken and he was in the hospital for 4 years. Eventually he could walk again. He now lives in a "house" made out of junk, but he is probably the happiest and nicest person I've ever met! He's just so thankful to be alive and be able to walk. So I/we have no right to complain about really anything…My cold shower, that chicken foot and all of the walking up hills all day every day. My mission has been such a humbling experience and I've only been here for a month. But I love it!
I have some pictures of me with food, on top of a hill at night and sweeping the house this morning. Yes, all of those spots are dust. Well that’s all for this week! I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!
Elder Farnsworth
Restaurant Food
Night Lights
New Tie
New glasses
Sweeping...yes, that is dust in the air.

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