Monday, October 10, 2016

Peru - Week 4

Hola! Everything is going well here! I hope all is well wherever you are! This week flew by! It seems like yesterday was pday! But I'm not complaining because pdays are great! Last pday we had the "World Cup." Needless to say, my team won... Haha even though I am really bad! We always go to lunch on pdays! That's always really good!
Attached below is a pic of a part of a typical meal. Now imagine soup and some sort of a dessert.... every lunch and dinner. There hasn't been a day that I haven't had rice! But I'm ok with that. I have been craving a lot of American food like Cinnamon Rolls, a real American hamburger, milkshake, Sourpatch Kids and a Dr. Pepper.
I found some creatures in our house last night.... A big spider and a cockroach...... But don't worry! They both ended up on the bottom of my shoe! Haha it was funny! My comp freaked out and stood on his chair because he doesn't like that kind of stuff.
We have an amazing investigator right now. His name is Jerson and he is 23 years old. We've taught him more than any other investigator. For example, we have taught him the past 4 days in a row and one day before that too. So 5 times last week. You typically teach once a week. But he loves what we're teaching and his baptism is on the 22 of October. The very first time that we taught him he started bawling. We taught him about repentance and that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ he can be forgiven. That's just an example of what I get to do for the next two years!
Well I hope all is well! And I'm looking forward to another week of a lot of walking, trying to speak Spanish and hoping the next plate of food I get doesn't end up back on my plate.(Because it almost happened once! It was fish soup.....)
Have a great week! (:

Elder Farnsworth

World Cup Champion
Typical main course - plus add soup and dessert
Friendly Spider
Our phone - like the taped on keypad?

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