Monday, March 6, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 7

¡Hola! ¿Como estan? Well this last week we had transfers! I now have a new companion and he's even shorter than my last companion. He's really short and skinny! Haha he's pretty interesting. I keep finding out new things out about him every day! He has 17 months in the mission and so he's basically on his way downhill to go home. He's not as "trunky" as my last companion, but he's thinking about home... But let’s see if I can change that! Oh and he's from Piora, Peru. So yeah that’s my new comp. The hard thing with new companions is learning how to work and get along with them, and adjusting them to the new area and the investigators. Also knowing the personalities of them.

The Vasquez Family is still attending church and are progressing! They’ve almost had all of the lessons and we're helping them with their wedding papers so everything will be all ready for the 25 of March! It's so amazing to watch them progress and learn. At first they didn't understand somethings, but it’s all starting to make sense to them! They are one of those families that will probably be sealed in the temple one year from their baptism date! Because they learn about it and say, “We need to do that so we can be happier and help out our family!” I'm supppper blessed that I have the opportunity to work with them! I'll keep you updated on them!

This Saturday I have a baptism! It was supposed to be for this past week but she was sick.... But it'll happen this week! I'll send pictures! The pictures I sent this week are of a sweet sunset, my new comp and I and a huge spider we found in our house! Hope you enjoy!!!! Well I hope all is well there and have an amazing week!
BYE! I love you all!!
Elder Farnsworth

Sweet Sunset
Elder Flores

Huge Spider

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