Monday, March 13, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 8

Hola buenas tardes amigos! Como están? Porque todo esta bien aquí conmigo! This week was really pretty great! My comp and I worked really hard and all of our lessons were really good. We found some great new investigators and we had some investigators accept a baptismal date. To end the week we had a baptism! So you could say that it was a good week!

First I'll start with the Familia Vasquez! Well there’s some good and bad news with them..... The good is that they are still coming to church and listening to our lessons. The bad news is that Guillermo doesn’t have a job.... and if he can’t find one he'll have to travel out of Lima to find work. If he does this he will come and visit like every 2 or 3 months…and so that means he won't be able to be married and baptized on the 25th. So we're working with him right now to help him find work. There is a plan for everyone. If they don’t get baptized then, it'll happen shortly after. But we're doing everything that we can to help him!

We also have other investigators that have a lot of potential. One is a single mother and a son and they are super great. They will need a lot of help, but I think that we have the help for them. The mother lost a baby after birth and is still really sad about that. The pastor of the church she was previously attending said that because her baby wasn’t baptized that she's going to hell. We've been teaching her the Plan of Salvation to help her understand more. Her son believes more in science than God, but he's starting to understand more about God. We'll see how it goes!

We had the baptism of Julieth. It was super great to be able to participate in that! The spirit was super strong and her testimony at the end was really powerful. Wow there are a million other things that I can write about. All of the miracles and tender mercies that I've seen in my life! Most of the time words can’t describe what I’ve seen ad felt. It’s amazing! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Thank you for everything!

Elder Farnsworth

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