Monday, February 27, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 6

Hey friends and family!!! How are all of you??? I hope all of well there! I can’t believe that transfers are here. It feels like just yesterday that I started in this area, but it was already 6 weeks ago! The time disappeared..... It’s crazy how fast time flies!!! This week was good! We had water consistently throughout the week! So that’s good news! Thank you for all of your prayers!(: Well we had some more good lessons with my family! Their baptism and wedding is all set for the 25 of March! I’m super excited for that! It’s so cool to see how people change from the first visit to the current one. This family has changed so much! And they're continuing to change! It’s so great to be able to participate in the process! We also found another family this past week! We'll see how the lesson goes tomorrow! They are really great too! And if they do their commitments they'll be able to progress too! We have a baptism this weekend! So that’s super exciting! One thing that has been really well for my comp and I here is contacting the families that have part members. And so there more receptive to the gospel. And most of our investigators are this type or references from members. It’s been great! I'm really grateful that I get one transfer more here. Ok so the picture I sent is from after lunch. I found a little food stand thingy that was selling ice cream cones from McDonalds. Let’s just say that it was suppppppper good! The first soft serve Ice-cream that I've had in a long time! Haha and now I want another! Well I hope you have a great week! I love you all!! audios, nos vemos!

Elder Farnsworth
McDonalds Ice Cream

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