Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lima (San Gregorio) Peru – Week 3

Hola Hola mis amigos! Como Estan? All is good here! It’s just getting hotter and I just keep sweating more.... Haha it’s just great! Especially when your house doesn't have water for 4 days..... So if you have some free time, please pray so I can have water to shower! (; Haha the shower I've been having is walking down to the first floor and filling up a bucket and carrying it to the third floor and then just dumping water on me. Apply soap. Dump more water. Haha it’s so dumb... The first and second floors have water, but the third doesn't...... I blame it on the lady on the second floor who does laundry literally 24/7..... and so there is no pressure to make it to the third floor... Yeah welcome to Peru. (:

We recently found a new family! A complete family! Its great there’s a mom, dad, and three kids! And they came to church on the first Sunday that we invited them! They're very interested! This is the first time that I've taught a complete family and that they're interested! So I'll keep you updated on them!

Haha. . .here are some pics of my comp in his true nature! Haha! Him eating Cheetos! Haha always he tells me “Elder, I need to lose weight. Then the next morning he does like 3 push-ups. Eats candy or some Cheetos. “Elder why am I not losing weight?" Haha he's pretty funny! And we're getting a lot of work done!

The other pic is me in a barber shop because one of our investigators owns one. I’m sitting on is a seat for kids to get their hair cut and the hat is my comps! Haha it’s just funny! Oh and for Pday today we played board games. But I lost...... So yeah... :( We went to the temple today and that’s the last pic!

Well that’s about all for this week! Have a great one and I love you all! (:

Elder Farnsworth

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