Monday, November 14, 2016

Peru - Week 9

Wow what a week! And I still can't believe what happened with the election. I definitely thought that Hillary was going to win. But Trump somehow won. I guess after the mission I'll be able to come back to the states. Well I guess if I can get over that wall he's gunna build! (; Haha! The weather has started to get really hot. And it’s just going to get hotter..... I'm starting to look like a Latino. The bad thing is that the missionary tan lines are starting to get really bad.... I'm going to look for a hat today, because the sun is crazy here. I can feel it so much here than in Boise. Well this week was a really discouraging week..... Almost all of our appointments fell through. All of our street contacts went nowhere. And only one of our many investigators came to church. So that’s really disappointing.... But I have faith that it'll get better.

Pictures of the week!

  • There is one of us from last Pday. We had a multizone lunch and soccer game. 
  • Another was when I found out that Trump won from the newspaper stand. 
  • Haha another is every night after daily planning because I'm so tired. 
  • The last is just a picture from the top of a hill. 

Wow sorry the email this week is really boring! Hopefully this week will be a lot better! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Farnsworth

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