Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Peru - Week 10

Wow this week was a blurrrr! It went by super fast! So many memories happened this week! It was a good week for the most part! I had splits with another missionary, I got sick for the first time and I went to the Temple for the first time here today! Splits with another missionary are always super fun especially when it’s not in your area. Because the stress of your area isn´t with you anymore and its fun to talk with a different person. You really learn a lot from being with another elder and it comes with perks! I went to their house and they have hot water! It was absolutely amazing! It was my first hot shower in 2 months! But haha the next day was a slap in the face when I was back in my house without hot water! Haha but it´s all good! I´m loving everything right now!

Yeah, the getting sick part wasn´t so fun.... I had a bad fever for about three days. The thing that made it so hard is there are no sick days in the mission. We had appointments lined up all of those days! Haha everyone said that I looked like a Zombie but I´m all good now!

Today we went to the temple for the first time here! It was great! The exterior is similar to the Boise temple, but it’s a lot smaller! It was great! It was the first time that I did a session in Spanish! I understood a lot more than I thought I would. The temple is just amazing! I loved it! Haha and about an hour and a half ago we fit 5 missionaries in the back of a taxi! Definitely not legal in the US. I laid across the 4 sitting in the backseat for about 25 minutes!

Oh yeah and we had a bit of a problem with cockroaches this week... Yeah in the picture there are I am thinking 25 of them. Yeah..... Disgusting I know. Yes that is a quarter. Yeah I know they´re huge. We had a senior couple in the mission come and help us deep clean the house and they said that we have the worst house in the mission. Haha so yeah that’s great!!!

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Farnsworth

Mom's note. . . . Elder Farnsworth finally received his Halloween package I ordered on Sept 13.  At least he has treats for Thanksgiving. Maybe he'll get Christmas for Easter.  I also clarified about his apartment being the worst in the mission.  "No mom, we keep it clean.  It's just the worst apartment in the mission."  I guess it can only get better from where he's currently living.

WOW!  Halloween treats for Thanksgiving.

Lima Peru Temple
Elder Baltazar and Elder Farnsworth
Six missionaries in a taxi - five in the back seat
DISGUSTING Cockroaches!!!  Yes that's a quarter. GROSS!!!

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